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About Kirkmillan

Kirkmillan Consultancy was established by Beverley Francis in 2015 to offer a range of consultancy services across all sectors, but specialising in bringing support to the charity and not for profit sectors. Originally starting out providing from pro bono work in coaching and mentoring for Chief Executives and senior managers, an opportunity arose for the work to develop on a commercial footing, and Kirkmillan was founded. Since then, it has always had a real passion for and commitment to personal and organisational growth at its heart.

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Choose Your Guests Carefully - Published 3 July 2020
I was struck by the news this week that couples who have planned weddings during the lockdown period are having plans stopped in their tracks, delayed or severely restricted...
Groundhog Day - Published 10 June 2020
The experience of the last few weeks, with the lockdown measures imposed as part of managing the global pandemic have led many of us to reflect that most days very much feel the same...
Stress Awareness Month - Published 30 April 2020
April 30 th marks the end of national stress month for those of us that were not stressed enough to notice. In reflective space I have been wondering what Covid -19 has done to your stress levels...
Goals and Dreams - Published 13 April 2020
"Reach as High as You Can Day" has found its way today in the US onto the ever growing calendar of things we might celebrate or notice on an annual basis. Its origins not only lie in the probability that...

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