About Kirkmillan

Kirkmillan was established by Beverley Francis in 2015 to offer a range of consultancy services to the public and third sectors. Originally formed from pro bono work in coaching and mentoring, an opportunity arose for the work to develop on a commercial footing, and Kirkmillan was founded. Since then, it has always had a real passion and commitment to personal and organisational growth at its heart.

Pro Bono Work

We have a commitment to continue to undertake pro bono work as part of our portfolio. Beverley Francis is part of the ACOSVO mentor network and as part of her role in Kirkmillan remains committed to making a difference to small organisations in particular who would ordinarily be unable to access costly consultants and expertise.

If you partner with Kirmillan, you will always enjoy a free consultation to evaluate your needs, and develop a proposition for you to consider. This will be fully costed, and we offer discounted daily rates for charities.

Our Philosophy

We want to be different to other consultancy services that might be available. We want to intervene in a way that leaves the organisation and its people better equipped to manage things for themselves. We believe that people are capable of most things with initial direction and support, and want to support improvement for the long term. We know it's easy for an external party to come into your organisation to tell you what's wrong, but we want to help you to reflect on what is needed, and help you on the journey to finding a solution that works for you. We consider it a privilege to be invited into the lives of organisations and people, often in challenging times. What is needed is sensitivity, confidentiality, and trust. Kirkmillan aims to be a partner that is supportive, and brings confidence in navigating the journey ahead.