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The Hair Fixation and Avoidance of Colour at Home

The world in lockdown became rather interested in hair and hairdressing. Not to undermine the significant health risks presented by Covid - 19, the closure of hairdressers and barbers has been the subject of much social and printed media traffic. The sale of hair clippers, do it at home colouring and associated paraphernalia has gone up considerably. Facebook posts and YouTube videos of how to cut hair have been noticeable, in our home, there was a clipper purchased and my son has a "done by dad" affair. I am looking forward to the array of home colours gone wrong, and the wonky fringes as we increasingly mix with others, even at a distance.

The state of our locks is clearly an important part of our self-esteem, our self-image, our confidence. Friends have suggested they would not be seen out without a hat. Others are embracing the growing greyness, the slightly longer than usual waves, or the swept over fringe. Myself, I have been trying to embrace what my hair would naturally do, but am struck at how much the opportunity of a trip to the hairdresser is on my list of priorities. I have been pondering this, as I am not someone who is hugely obsessive about my looks, so why is this so important?

Clearly at a psychological level, how we look is an important part of how we feel about ourselves, and how we want to be portrayed to others. Given lockdown, I wonder if it is actually about much more than that. Usually we have considerable freedom in how we look, we make choices about our clothes, which shoes to wear, and what make up we want to apply. However, we have little choice about the length and colour of our hair, given there is not much we can do about it without professional help (in my case anyway). I wonder if going to the hairdressers also represents the characteristics of that freedom. Choice of whether and when to go, being part of a routine day of pleasure, meeting up with others in the salon and beyond, and showing off our tamed locks. It can be part of a decadent day out in a prestigious salon with accompanying treatments and pampering, or a quick short back and sides in a local barber.

Irrespective of financial or social standing, we can't stop nature taking its course. This virus is impacting on the clients I work with, and those whom they seek to serve. It is challenging us all to think about the things that are fundamental. How is your organisation looking these days?

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