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Choose Your Guests Carefully

I was struck by the news this week that couples who have planned weddings during the lockdown period are having plans stopped in their tracks, delayed or severely restricted. Whilst the marriage itself (the legal bit) can be done relatively easily and with only 2 witnesses, the wedding (the party bit) has been hit hard. I myself was due to attend a wedding in July.

In Northern Ireland, weddings can now take place, but only 10 guests are allowed to attend. Many families might heave a great sigh of relief as the normal stress and etiquette of who to invite and which cousins can be excluded are going to be avoided. However, the job of deciding on 10 people could also be a challenge.

I have been struck by what went through my own mind, as a couple of weekends ago, I was able for the first time to meet people in another household, and had a choice about who I might spend those vital moments with, as I emerged from isolation. Those people know who they are, and despite the geographical limits, there was a choice.

In romantic relationships we are used to the idea that people might get “dumped” or couples “split up”. It is interesting that we rarely take the same chance to dump our friends or family. Now is a good time to reflect on who drains you in your life, who demands your time and energy for little return? With whom do you have to split up?

Take a little time this lockdown to clear out the contacts and remember to choose your guests in your life carefully.

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