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A Risky Staycation, Fleet of Foot

Growing up within reach of the sea and enjoying the evidence on its benefits on my health and wellbeing, being denied a day at the seaside during lockdown has made me envious of those within a 5-mile access. On a related matter, my planned holiday to Florida in the summer didn't happen for obvious reasons and like others I enjoyed the offers of a "staycation". I am also intrigued by that term as it implies you stay where you are, when in fact it means going away, but just doing so in the UK. That is when my mind turns to the idea of going to the seaside. What is it about the sea that we find so alluring?

I find a solo walk on the beach peaceful and rejuvenating, in Scotland, it's not always the kindest of weather, and a walk on the wet sand, in howling gales can replace the need for any high-end exfoliation products on the face and feet. A doctor told me once that the healthiest thing for your feet is to walk barefoot (I might have imagined that). The sea is powerful, timeless and endless. I find being near it reassuring, and provides a connection to nature that I find harder to replicate elsewhere. I have happy memories of many childhood holidays by the sea that I think brings a familiarity and comfort when I reconnect.

At the moment, there are risks associated with travel, even when it is permissible. The news is still featuring local hotspots where the coronavirus continues to take hold, and prevalence is not faltering and on the rise. Journeys by public transport still feel hazardous as someone who has not left home since March. Car journeys feel safer, but the inevitable stops on route involve mixing with an array of different families with different vulnerabilities and exposure. Not all hotels or communities will be welcoming. Self-contained accommodation is already going for a higher than normal premium.

Many comment that it's hard to plan anything right now, that brings benefits as well as frustrations. The best way to deal with uncertainty some say is to make as many things certain as possible, be in control of only the things you can control and try not to worry about the rest. For charities that I support during these odd times, planning is now "in the moment" drawing on what is now, and being fleet of foot enough to go back and forward as restrictions change. Where are your "feet" right now?

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