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The facilitator's role is much more about opening things up for discussion in a stimulating way, getting ideas into the open and helping the group to listen to each other, further its knowledge, and thus make informed decisions.
Cameron E (2001), Facilitation Made Easy

Good facilitation is when all people in a group feel that they have been heard and been able to shape or influence outcomes.

Our Approach to Facilitation

At Kirkmillan, we know that taking time out can sometimes feel disruptive to the day to day business and appear initially to cost vital time and money that is limited. We will work with you to design an event or meeting to make sure that it is worthwhile and brings you some clear outcomes to support your organisation. We will take time to listen to what you are hoping to achieve and seek to understand the challenges and opportunities that you face in leading teams and organisations so that the event is manged sensitively to your unique circumstances. It should be clear to everyone attending what they will gain personally, as a group, and for the wider organisation. Events will be action focused, and there will be clarity about who is responsible for making change and improvement happen on the day and afterwards.

Our approach is to build consensus, and allow differences in perspectives to be heard. We want to create the right atmosphere, and working arrangement where all of those participating will feel comfortable and valued.

We believe that it is important to ensure that events are not only well facilitated, but also well documented so that decisions and actions are clearly recorded. In our experience, failure to reflect and build on what has been achieved can lead to inaction and apathy by those who have given their time and energy. At Kirkmillan, we will work with you after the event to prepare a written or verbal report and provide you with some additional reflections for your organisation to consider. We can also offer you additional support to develop the work to the next stage.

We have access to a range of tools that help create and structure the right conversations. We can support everything from small team building events, to larger seminar or conference style events. Our approach is always flexible, and having access to a range of tools helps us to design an event that is just right for you.

What People have said about Us

Beverley facilitated our away day and did a fab job. She worked with me in advance to establish what we wanted to get out of the day.
She connected well individually and with the group to get the best out of our staff and trustee team. Feedback was extremely positive from all the team afterwards with several commenting on how refreshing it was to have a consultant who not only facilitated the day but supported the work that came out from the day as well supporting us to produce the required outputs. Would highly recommend!

Linda Sterry, Co-ordinator, Start Up Stirling