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Interim managers are goal orientated, hands on, energetic, restrained, modest, independent, and have high adaptability and empathy.

We have been delighted to extend our services into the area of interim management, specifically in the charity and not for profit sector. Sometimes an organisation needs to fill a gap in leadership or management on a temporary basis. This might be a Chief Executive Officer, a Chair, or a senior manager. The need can arise at a time of change, transition in leadership or structure, or could be covering for a temporary period of absence, like maternity leave.

Interim management can also be complementary to existing leadership, so the role is to work alongside existing leadership and support them tackle some big issues facing their organisation, or to manage a crisis that needs some external expertise.

Our Approach to Interim Management

It is a great privilege to be invited to come into an organisation, often against a backdrop of crisis, or some challenges that have required an external perspective. We approach this work with great sensitivity and care. We believe that facing up to the need for some help rather than muddling through takes great courage, leadership and demonstrates a commitment to making things better. Our first step is to meet you, and hear from you directly about what is on your mind, your hopes, your fears and what's important. We do a lot of asking questions and listening to properly understand how we can quickly add value to your organisation. We will build rapport and trust with you and your team quickly, we have too, we have work to do.

It is important that there is a diagnostic stage where we work with you to uncover the range of things that need to be done. In the context of crisis, this can be quite overwhelming and we understand the need to make sure that we are able to show you a clear way forward so that a positive and can-do culture can thrive.

Finally, we will roll our sleeves up, and get on with the tasks that we have agreed, whether this is a specific project, or providing leadership to existing teams across the whole organisation. We will share what we do, so that staff and Boards can build the capacity and confidence to pick up from where we left off. We will always be available to help with any remedial work, or on a retained basis to ensure a smooth handover to a new leadership or to consolidate further.

What People have said about Us

We started working with Beverley when we were looking to review our organisational structure. Beverley's manner and way of working has endeared her to staff and management. Beverley has been able to quickly gain an understanding of the organisation and provide achievable solutions for change to allow for successful growth. Beverly is a pleasure to work alongside, she is very experienced and highly professional, able to build supportive relationships with staff and management and provides genuine encouragement and positivity during a period of change.

Michelle Ramsay, Chair of AdvoCard, Mental Health Charity