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Mentoring is offline help by one person to another, in making significant transitions, in knowledge, work or thinking
Dave Chutterbuck

Mentoring is a protected and non-judgemental relationship which facilitates a wider range of learning, experimentation and development. A mentor is a trusted friend who can create the right dynamic and environment to allow personal reflection and growth. It is a supportive and challenging relationship, where particular issues are explored, and there is sufficient flexibility to meet people where they are on their leadership and personal journey.

Our Approach to Mentoring and Coaching

We are committed to developing an individual approach to meet the needs of individual clients. We can mentor individuals, or groups of individuals within organisations. We understand the need to meet you where you are on your career or life journey, help you to identify what you want to achieve in a specific situation, or in the longer term. Our philosophy is founded on the principle that most people, with the right support are capable of achieving their goals, and it is often our own lack of confidence and day to day pressures that get in the way of taking a step back, taking time to reflect, celebrate and plan what we want. Our approach is to provide a safe and confidential space in which you can invest in yourself and your future.

We want you to thrive, and we want to help to create the right relationship and the right environment where that is going to be possible. Our first meeting will be free, and will be a chemistry meeting, giving both parties the chance to find out about the other, discuss what you are looking to achieve and how the mentoring relationship can help you.

Meeting, after meeting, there will be a flexible space for you to bring issues, and concerns, worries or doubts, and know that you will find sufficient challenge as appropriate to help you to see different perspectives and uncover the solution with confidence and clarity. Mentoring is ideally face to face, in a neutral space, but can also be available via skype, or telephone. Telephone check ins are also possible in between meetings and a contract can be developed to suit your individual circumstances.

Typically, we mentor a range of individuals, from Chief Executives, often working in isolation from support networks to those in a more operational role looking to develop their career path. Themes that commonly occur in our mentoring work include, work life balance, Board relationships, strategy and governance, coping with a change in role, and improving professional networks.

What People have said about Us

I was seeking a sounding board for some thinking I was doing about career development, and Beverley supported me through my mentoring to gain considerable insight into my priorities and clarity around my aspirations. Some really constructive discussions over a period of a few months gave me the extra impetus to make a significant move that I had been considering for some while. Mentoring really can catalyse positive change.

Katherine, Registers of Scotland

Working with Beverley has been a great opportunity to take a pause, step back and see the whole picture. Beverley's approach is enabling, warm and supportive. I thoroughly recommend her coaching.

Clare Simpson, Parenting across Scotland